Monday, February 1, 2016

A normal weekend

Last year, we moved our retail store to a different location and we decided to close for an extra day during the week - for Sunday/Monday - following the trend of other boutiques in our area. 

Retail is a difficult industry because you have to keep your shop open on the weekends, because that's when normal working people like to go out and buy stuff. Many of our friends work normal jobs (9-5) and then they get the whole weekend for their families to do fun stuff. I have been so jealous of them, as a lot of birthday parties/dance recitals/events around town happen on Saturdays and we can never go together as a family because husband-ji has to work. We have never spent a single Saturday together as it is our biggest and busiest work day of the week. And up until recently, we only had one day off per week - Sunday - since our shop was open 6 days per week.

I'm not going to lie - it has been really difficult. When you're working 6 days per week, and you get a day off, all you want to do is just relax at home and not even take off your pyjamas! Doing anything else feels like more work! After I went back to work (part-time) after maternity leave, I made sure to sub in for husband-ji so that he could take an additional day off, because working 6 days a week is too much for any person. That way he got his own father/daughter day to spend with Maya.

It was really hard for all of us having only one day together - Sundays - and we often felt conflicted about how we should spend it. We wanted to spend time relaxing, we wanted to do a fun outing together, we wanted some individual alone time to work on our own personal projects - however we only had one single day. It was almost as if the lack of time on Sundays were stressful. Looking back, I really don't know how we functioned that way...especially after kids! Not to mention, my parents constantly ask husband-ji to come over to "fix the internet", "do the banking", or "change the light-bulbs". So if he spends the day helping my parents, then I don't get to spend any time with him.

(Love seeing my man in the kitchen!)

After we moved to the new location, we decided to take the plunge and close the store for an additional day, and doing this has really improved our family life in a very subtle way. Now, we also have Mondays off work - while Maya goes to school on Mondays for half the day. Often we spend Mondays working on our own individual projects, or even just relaxing while Maya's in school. This gives us the chance to have the energy to do a fun outing on Sunday. Husband-ji always cooks a big grand dinner on both Sunday and Monday nights, as well.  Having two whole days off is such a luxury and has been one of the best things ever. It makes me feel like we have a "normal" weekend! 

Subtle little changes like this can make all the difference!


Dear readers, how do you spend your weekends?
Have you worked out a good work/life balance?
In what areas do you wish to improve your work/life balance?



  1. Working 6 days a week is not too much for a 26 year old bachelor. I'd rather work towards my career goals than sleep all day at home or get drunk with friends. However for families, I guess its mandatory to have more off time. My manager once said that they prefer hiring unmarried people for certain type of job profiles as they have much less issues with coming to work on a weekend if the server crashes etc. His words were - "Give you guys one call and you are here whereas a married employee has planned something with his spouse/kids."

  2. We are in the same fix, DH works in retail, the back office stuff, but still. So for us it is 6 days a week of work, coupled with insanely long commutes and late hours in office a couple of days a week.
    This is one of the reason why I could not see myself working out of the home, because with kids, this is simply not possible at least not possible without having to have the kids practically raised by a maid.

    A lot of our Sundays are spent just lazing around because DH has been working all week and I have been tackling the school stuff, household stuff and running my blog.

  3. Oh the joys, perils, & pitfalls of owning your own business! My husband & I have 4 galleries, they are all in 5 star hotels so we never close for even a day. The nice thing is that most of the tourists are usually only around in the early morning and evenings (before and after going on tours during the day) - so husband comes home and has a leisurely lunch & nap from 12 to 4 each day.
    After a 15 yr career in healthcare I'm used to having odd days off & being continually "on call" also.

  4. I used to have exactly the same feeling! For us sometimes it was even worse, we have a Photo Studio so we had wedding on Saturday, other shoots on Sunday and school every other day! It was crazy not having even one day off for the whole family! Usually during summer there are no weddings so we used to spend more time during those 3 months but the rest of the year took a toll on us. That's one of the reasons we stopped shooting Weddings, it's not a nice lifestyle with kids!

  5. I don't work at all, but study full-time. Weekends are off, as I'm a single mum now, but they can definitely feel like there's not enough time still. We can try to fit so much into two days, and I give in to my kids too much thanks to mum guilt. If one of them has a friend over, it's so difficult because I can't get anything done. When I was still married, Friday was my favourite day. Kish was off kindy but off with his papa and I would have a day to just potter around the house on my own, getting things done without kinds underfoot. I probably miss that time the most.

  6. After having worked in the lab with no work life balance, one thing I decided was I would never want to go back to that. Also, I have learnt after working and observing the business that it is quite tough to take a day off when it is your own business though business is what has the highest potential for making one rich. I love being an office worker and switch off when I leave the office for now!


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