Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Art With Kids: Easy Homemade Valentine's Day Cards

One of the things I love to do with my daughter are art projects at home. After college, I used to teach art to children, so it has been really fun doing it with my guinea pig a child of my own. [P.S. This is a new section of my blog that I'm launching - "Art With Kids" - although adults can do it too!]

With Valentine's Day coming up, Maya and I have been busy preparing homemade Valentine's Day cards for our friends, family, and her classmates at school. I went to look around town to see if there were any cute Valentine's Day cards but I just came across weird Disney ones that were totally gross and obnoxious. So....I thought it might be more fun if we could just make our own!

I love using acrylic matte medium & a paintbrush - as opposed to a glue stick - because you can paint over the collage and it doesn't cloud the image. The paintbrush is also much easier for a child to use than a glue stick - go figure!

Easy Homemade Valentine's Day Cards
Suitable for ages 2.5 - 100

Mom pre-prep:

Grab an old magazine and look for fun patterns and shapes that you can cut out. Cut out hearts, rectangles, triangles, and squares. You can also cut out pictures of objects like flowers, glasses, etc.

Set the table with the following materials:

- a small dish with acrylic matte medium (you can use old lids)
- an old paintbrush
- 10 - 20 blank art cards
- tray/dish of the shapes you cut out

Let your child experiment freely with pasting the shapes on the cards, and let them decide when each card is "finished". Once they have finished a card, give them the next one, and so on. Dry the cards on a blank surface (we dry our artwork in an empty bathtub). Once it is dry, you can write "Happy Valentine's Day" inside the card and let your child write their name inside and/or doodle.

I love the way Maya's turned out - it's very Matisse!


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  1. Maya,

    Love your Valentine Day's cards! They are colorful and very beautiful and best of all, you took the time to make them. what a gift. Alex, great post love new series of posts, Art with Kids.

    Happy Valentine's Day,



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