Friday, February 19, 2016

Now Featured on: Masalamommas (My second article!)

I am soooooooo excited to share my new article, which is featured on my favorite Masalamommas online magazine! This is my second article on this site, am I am absolutely thrilled about it. 

[Click HERE to read my first feature on this site!]

So many times we only talk about the struggles of being in an intercultural relationship, but the truth is that the good far outweighs the bad. My article is about the many surprising benefits of being in an intercultural relationship. Cheers to love!!!

Click HERE to check it out! 
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  1. Loved the article Alex!!! Great job...I love #8 the most. So awesome to see you on the Masala Moms site. Great work love

  2. I think it has been more challenging for those who had to move to India compared to the ones settled abroad. Expats in India have it way harder than anybody else in intercultural relationships. Forget about morals or acceptance from parents. Those dont even compare to the ones we face post wedding. After getting used to the elevated levels of hygiene in North America or Europe and not to mention the healthcare system its really not easy for at least the women who've moved here in India. I've known so many of them who went into depression or worse felt suicidal with the constant bullying from the in laws since they've had to live in a joint family and getting involved in all kinds of idiosyncratic rituals and customs in the name of tradition and culture which some man or woman from the forward brahmin community made it up during the dinosaur era. I won't even go into details like privacy or family planning matters. Becsuse the concept of personal space is lost on them. Few i know live separately from the in laws so its relatively easier. For some the challenges are too overwhelming especially when they've had to move out of their comfort universe unlike you and the others. Bearable yes but acceptable? A very loud NO. Also you are quite lucky and blessed to have settled in your hometown. Not everyone has this choice. :-)

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    2. Well I've been following these blogs, forums and support groups since 6 years. They haven't mentioned their struggles on the blogs but on the forums they're not so subtle. No relationship is pure bliss and Alex is one of the very few women who has a great relationship with her in laws. Yes everyone's circumstances are different and we have to make the most out of it but from the past 6 years I've kind of traced a pattern here regarding which I've commented above.

    3. First comment - I agree.

      Second comment - I disagree. More than upper/middle/low class it is more about compatibility. Nobody is trying to "portray" pure bliss, some couples are just more compatible than others.
      Secondly, do you even read my blog? I frequently post about the struggles. Funny how positive articles that promote our community are met with these types of responses.

      By the way, my husband is not upper class. He had to pay $40k usd out of his own pocket to pay for college. His parents could not financially afford it to send him to an American college, so it was all on his shoulders. He struggled a lot to pay off the loan.

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