Monday, March 21, 2016

Best Children's Books About Easter

It's Easter season! Much like every other consumerist holiday, it involves a lot of chocolate and bunny toys on display in every store, which makes shopping with my almost 4 year old extremely hard! Easter is a really fun celebration for kids, which I have really only started to honour after I had my daughter. Usually on Easter, you will have an "egg hunt" - parents hide chocolate eggs in an outdoor area and children run around and collect them in a basket and then they basically get into a chocolate coma. It is a big Christian holiday, but I prefer to celebrate it in a fun, non-denominational way. My favorite way to celebrate the season is to actually read books about Easter to my daughter. The Easter bunny makes for a really awesome character!

Here are my top picks:
The illustrations in this book are so absolutely splendid that I took a picture of it for my artistic inspiration mood board! The story is also quite creative - an eccentric chicken is too busy meandering in nature to focus on laying an egg, but when she does, it is the most colorful egg of them all! (Now...if only I can be like P. Zonka!)

I originally picked up this book because the cover looked old fashioned, like a book my grandmother would have. Turns out, it is a re-print of the 1975 original classic. It is a simple & sweet story of a lonely bunny who finds an egg and takes care of it until it hatches.

Easter Mice!
This is by the same author that did Halloween Mice (one of our faves) and apparently she writes about all the holidays. Somehow, children just seem to love stories about mice! While most Easter books focus on bunnies, this one has the 3 little mice finding Easter eggs around the garden.

This book is a great pick for younger children who are just starting to learn about Easter. It contains fluffy illustrations about a bunny who sleeps in and can't decorate her eggs on time (can't we all relate...!)

This is a classic story about what the Easter Bunny does to prepare for Easter. It is especially good for the curious child who asks 1001 questions - all the answers are in here! Rather than focusing on the religious aspect of Easter, this book concentrates on helping others and finding purpose which makes it a nice seasonal read for all children.


Happy Easter, dear readers!
What are your plans for the upcoming long weekend?

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  1. A great list of books, especially for a teacher in Taiwan [like myself] who wants to introduce the Easter holiday.


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