Monday, April 25, 2016

Best Children's Books about Mommies

I am so excited about Mother's Day coming up soon. Husband-ji will be out of town so I will be spending the day with my baby all to myself. Maya's school is also putting on a special Mother's Day tea party and song performance which I am eagerly looking forward to! Lately I have been finding a lot of wonderful children's books that celebrates the special bond between a mother and child. These would make great mother's day gifts for a family member or friend who has small children.

Here are some of our favorites:

Llama Llama Red Pajama (all ages)
This one is such a funny book and one of our favorites - we always laugh because the story is so relatable. Little llama calls out for his mummy at night while she is doing housework and works himself up into a tizzy when she doesn't come right away. The language is written in rhymes which makes it all the more playful. It is short enough to read to an infant, but funny enough to read to an older child too. This one is a must for building your child's home library.

The Mommy Book (all ages)
This book is a wonderful picture book to celebrate diversity when it comes to mommies and motherhood. It is paired with bright, playful illustrations that will keep your child engaged. It is a good reminder to children that not all mommies are the same - some stay at home, some work, some have short hair, some have long hair - but all mommies love their babies.

When Mama Gets Home (age 3+)
This is a lovely book that celebrates working mothers, and also sibling relationships. The children get home from school and work as a team to prepare dinner and set the table. This book encourages siblings to work side by side peacefully and to help their mother out. It also celebrates children's independence and confidence.

Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You (age 3+)
This book is so well written that it will make you want to cry! This book is about a mother's love for their child and that they will love them whether they go near or far. It assures children that their parents will love them no matter what. It is paired with beautiful understated illustrations and gentle prose. It also serves as a reminder for parents that one day our children will fly the nest, and they might live far away. This is a wonderful book for a first time parent or a new mother.

I Love My Mommy (age 0-5)
One of my friends gave me this book at my baby shower and it has been one of our favorites. It portrays a day in the life of a mommy and baby - going out grocery shopping, to the park - all from the viewpoint of the toddler. It is paired with rhyming verses and cute illustrations. A great book that celebrates all the things mother's do for their children.

Are You My Mother?  (all ages)
This one is a classic that has been around for years. A baby bird falls out of the nest, gets lost and searches around for his mother, asking every animal/object he comes across if they are his mother. Toddler children will enjoy answering, "No, that's not his mother!" as it becomes into a game.

Mommy Calls Me Monkeypants (age 0-5)
This one is a funny book that is so relatable to me, since we parents always call our children by funny pet names. The story follows a child playing, and the mom calling her pet names like "monkey pants", and "peek-a-boo" based on her activities. The story is quite endearing, and perfect for small children.

Little Mommy (age 3+)
This book is a quite traditional set up with the mom staying home and the dad working, but I still love it. In this book, it depicts two children playing house and looking after a dolly - the little girl plays "little mommy" and looks after the baby all day. I liked this book because it shows the nurturing side that children have towards babies/baby dolls. The book has beautiful old-fashioned illustrations that really takes you back to the 1950's.

Because Your Mommy Loves You (age 3+)
This book is a lovely story about a special camping trip that a boy and his mother take - and each step of the way the mother encourages the boy to do things on his own, instead of doing it for him. This story fosters independence, confidence and problem solving skills. It is also a great reminder for parents that we need to let our children figure things out on their own and that it's the best way they will learn.


What are your favorite children's books about mommies?


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