Saturday, April 16, 2016

Call for Submissions: Your Intercultural Love Stories

One of my favorite sections on my blog is my weekly Saturday love stories which feature real intercultural couples from around the globe. These have been our most loved, most shared stories that I have personally learned so much from.

I am currently on the hunt for more couples to share their stories and I am looking for ALL mixes! Please email me at: and I will send you back a Q&A that you can fill out. You can be anonymous (using an alias name) or you can use your real first name. My only requirement is that you and your partner have had to be in a relationship for a minimum of 2 years. You do not have to be married to be featured.

It is important that we share our stories because we can learn from each other regarding cross-cultural specific challenges, we can make others' feel less alone because many intercultural couples know very few couples like "us", and our kind of relationships are not represented in the media at all.

Check out the couples I have previously featured HERE!

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