Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Details About Our Next Twitter Chat!

This weekend we are hosting another twitter chat for our fans, followers and all mixed families. This time we are going to be taking about a very important topic - DEALING WITH THE IN-LAWS! Marrying into another culture for love is one thing, but along come the in-laws and you really have to learn how to survive and get along...

Have you had difficulties connecting with your in-laws? Have you had culture clashes with them? Do you struggle to understand each other? How much involvement in your life do you allow? What kinds of things do you fight about with your in-laws? How on Earth do you get along?

Join myself and Brittany this Sunday as we discuss this hot topic! Please comment below if there are any specific conundrums we can cover in our chat.

We will be live this Sunday, April 10th at 8pm EST. 
Click HERE to find out your exact time conversion.

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  1. Hi Alexandra, my question is how do you schedule communication, Skype, phone, etc, when you're calling overseas? Our time difference is around 12 hours. We schedule calls. I'd like to know what other methods families try. Talk (or tweet?) on Sunday!


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