Thursday, April 28, 2016

Now Featured On: Masalamommas ("Don't Ask Me If I'm the nanny!")

I am super excited to share my latest article on Masalamommas as part of a special intercultural series that they are featuring - by none other than yours truly! Lately I have been repeatedly asked the annoying question, "Are you the nanny?" nearly every time I take my daughter to the park. Ever since we got back from Hawaii, it has happened in a steady stream, especially as Maya grows to look more like her dad. So, of course I had to write about it! Unfortunately this is a reality for a lot of mixed parents, or even parents whose children don't necessarily look like them.

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Have you guys ever been asked if you are "the nanny"? If so, how do you deal with it?



  1. @Alexandra

    Maya looks exactly like her grandfather i.e. Madhavan's father. The eyesbrows and shape of the face are exactly the same. I often wondered whom see resembles then I saw her pic with her grandfather.

  2. I always thought Maya looked so much like Alex, her mom. Except, of course, her skin and eye/hair color - those are her dad's (or at least, more influenced by him). Also her bone/face structure seems a bit slimmer/more wiry than her mother, so that may be her dad's influence. But other than that, I think she looks exactly like her mother in her features. There are some pics where they could pass off as twins!

  3. My Filipino friend has been asked that question, regarding her Caucasian looking son who looks like the father. It is apalling, but not really surprising given that we are a developing couuntry where white is equated with rich. But I did not think it also happens the other way around. This is a revelation to me.


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