Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Day I Got Recognized

As my blog gets bigger and better, I knew the day would finally come that I'd be recognized somewhere....

In Vancouver, I am relatively anonymous. I don't have a lot of blog readers here (my reader base is mostly USA/India) and people are generally stand-offish here. Early on, when my blog was just getting a reader base, we were recognized once when we were walking downtown - the lady stared and whispered "Madh Mama" but didn't approach us - in true Canadian fashion!

Another time, husband-ji - who is arguably more recognizable than me with his crazy fashion sense and full arm sleeve tattoos (very rare to see an Indian man with tattoos like that!) was recognized by one of my blog readers and followed at a New York airport last year. They did not approach him, but they followed him, stared at him, and then emailed me about it. It was pretty funny...husband-ji had no idea!

I knew if I myself was going to get recognized anywhere it would definitely be on one of our family trips to Seattle. Seattle is jam-packed with South Indians from Microsoft/IT companies that it's basically a Brahmin's paradise!

Lo and behold, on our latest trip to Seattle (heading back from Portland, on Easter weekend), we were leaving Madras Dosa Corner restaurant (of course it had to happen here) and a woman called out, "Madhavan! Madhavan!" as husband-ji and his cousin-brother were crossing the parking lot. Husband-ji was perplexed because the only two people he knows in Seattle are his cousin-brother (who was there with us) and his other cousin, none of which were calling his name. The woman came up to him and said, "I read your wife's blog!" At the time, I was actually taking Maya to the bathroom, before we left the restaurant. When I stepped out, the woman came up to me and spoke to me about how much she loves my blog and told me that I write so well - which is truly the best compliment ever. I was feeling quite shy so I just awkwardly thanked her. I didn't quite know what to say, since everyone knows so much about our life but I don't know anything about theirs. It was really wonderful to have my work appreciated, and the positive reinforcement that yes, I can write - and that people do notice me for it.

Most of my blog readers and commenters are anonymous and I have no idea who they are, so it was really nice to meet one of them in person - especially a really nice one! It was quite an odd feeling to be recognized and I felt quite exposed in person. Lately I have been feeling so self-conscious about myself since the fertility medication that the OBGYN prescribed me has made me put on weight and has made my skin go crazy. I am totally fine about my size, but it makes me feel so ugly to have bad skin. I am really good at putting on makeup, but when you're having acne it is very hard to cover up properly. I usually do not wear makeup, but thank god I wore it that day...on the day that I was recognized!

If I could have a do-over I would have talked to her a bit more, but I was just so stunned that anybody even recognized me in the first place! Now I need to start mentally preparing myself for possibly meeting some of my blog readers when I'm out and about! I should probably try to wear make-up more often in case anybody recognizes me! Ha ha!



  1. Alexandra,
    That was me. And you were lovely that day as always. I cannot believe that I was so star struck, I am not usually that way.... I love your writing and look forward to reading it everyday. You are a beautiful person inside out....

  2. Alexandra,
    That was me. And you were lovely that day as always. I cannot believe that I was so star struck, I am not usually that way.... I love your writing and look forward to reading it everyday. You are a beautiful person inside out.... I was not sure if I should call out but I had my daughter with me and when I mentioned to her, she said why not and she called the name out. I am glad she did, I hope I did not embarrass you or your husband.

  3. Awww. Since I'm based at hyd, I thought that some day I might get to meet u here, you know at Dadus, Park lane, Kathiawar or mahankali street on one of your visits to Hyd. Now that your in-laws are gonna settle permanently in Vancouver, there's almost no chance I'm gonna meet u here. Well who knows I might actually meet u somewhere. :-)

  4. next time you're in Seattle, it would be so much fun to have a meet-up or something! less of a surprise factor there. :)

  5. Ah, that was so cute. I would love to run into you one day ha ha

  6. Woo hoo! You're a celebrity now!
    Better beware of paparazzi everywhere you go now! ;)

  7. Yay! Get ready to the fame Alexandra!! You will face it more and more... :)

  8. Love coincidences like this! I am living in Vancouver and in an interracial relationship with a Tamil man too! Been wondering if our paths will ever coincidentally cross...


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