Tuesday, April 12, 2016

What podcasts do you listen to?

Lately I have been totally addicted to listening to podcasts. I love listening to inspirational ones when I wake up in the morning, driving in the car, and also when I'm doing my creative work, like painting, illustrations, or pattern-making. Husband-ji thinks I'm totally crazy!

Recently, I started listening to Elizabeth Gilbert's Magic Lessons podcast, which helped me get over a recent creative block when it came to painting. I had all these ideas of paintings that I wanted to do, but I was feeling scared and also too tired to start one. After listening to her podcast, I put aside some time at work and magically pumped out 6 beautiful illustrations in a span of only a few hours. Some of them will become paintings, and others I'm thinking will be patterns. Her podcast is such a gem for creatives of all kinds and for women in particular. She talks about getting over guilt, pressure, making time for oneself, and an artist's divine entitlement to make art.

Now I am on a search for other podcasts, since I am totally into it now. Which ones do you listen to? Do you have any favorites?

Plus, don't forget to check out my podcast interview on World Citizen Storycast!


  1. I'm new to podcasts. I only listen to one, Modern Love on WBUR. I love reading the articles on NY Times, and listening to podcasts of the best ones is even better. Great interview, by the way. My first time to hear your voice! :-)

  2. I religiously listen to the Thinking Atheist podcast. Also occasionally This American Life produced by National Public Radio in the US.
    - Rebecca

  3. This american life is a great one. Stuff you should know and stuff you missed in history class are also great. If you enjoy supernatural mixed with a huge dose of hunour, mysterious universe is great. Radiolab makes natural science stories really interesting (highly recommend their episode on goat culling in the Galapagos islands!). Podcasts are great, they make housework a breeze!


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