Thursday, May 26, 2016

A sweet mother/daughter photoshoot

Last month, as a treat to myself for Mother's Day, I did a special girls only photoshoot with Maya and it was so much fun. If any of you guys follow me on Instagram, you'll notice that I'm always the one behind the camera getting the great shots...which means I rarely get to be in the frame myself. I often wonder if Maya will someday look back at all the family photos and think that I'd never took care of her or spent time with her, since I'm hardly in the pictures.

One of my photographer friends, Felicia Chang, was doing a mother's day special for all the mothers to get in the frame with their kids. It was a great opportunity to have some special keepsake pictures with my daughter. Felicia is such a talented photographer and she has a very natural, documentary style. For families, it is perfect because it is so hard to get kids to look at the camera. I just loved the way the pictures turned out and Felicia really captured the close bond I have with my girl!

I also love this shot of Maya by herself...

P.S. Did you guys notice that I'm gradually going lighter with my hair color? Now it's more close to my natural hair color. Do you like it?



  1. This so beautiful! Rich colors and so candid. Your special bond with your daughter really shows in these photos. :)

  2. The rich colors against the grey background, the love you share, your beautiful faces, I love everything about these pictures! You should get in the frame more often, Alexandra! :-)

  3. Ooooh, I love you 2 together, you are so sweet!

  4. Alex

    Love these photo shoots with Maya! Love your natural hair color coming out, looks good.


  5. The photos are really lovely and great outfit combo. Also love your natural hair tone!

  6. The pictures are lovely. Touch wood as the indians say ;) natural is the best.


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