Monday, May 2, 2016

My May Reading List

April was an easy month that really helped me get back into my daily rhythm after the busyness of the first few months of the year. Last month I read all my books, plus an additional one: Girl in the Woods which became my unexpected favorite. It is about a girl who gets raped on her second night of college and then drops out and hikes the Pacific Crest Trail and thus reclaims her identity. I also really liked Where the Peacocks Sing: A Palace, a Prince, and the Search for Home - it was quite fascinating. This month, husband-ji will be away a lot so I fully intend to dive into my pile of books in the evenings.

This month, I am reading:

Around India in 80 Trains, by Monisha Rajesh
Confession: I have never been on a train in India! It's the ultimate Indian experience and it's definitely on my bucket list. Thatha used to work for the railway so husband-ji was always taking the train in and around Hyderabad. He has so many fun memories of taking the train with his family. Monisha Rajesh sets out to rediscover her ancestral land by taking 80 trains around India. It sounds like a fascinating traveler's journal that I'd love to read!

Why Not Me? By Mindy Kaling
I requested this item from the library over 6 months ago and only now I got my copy! I really liked Mindy's last book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) which I read last year. I love her writing style - it's kind of like a girlfriend sending you a cute, witty email. This book is supposed to focus on her adult life as a working woman which should be very entertaining.

Raising Mixed Race: Multiracial Asian Children in a Post-Racial World (New Critical Viewpoints on Society), by Sharon H. Chang
I have followed Sharon on twitter for quite some time and I admire her work about raising awareness on the mixed identity. This book provides research from 68 mixed families, so it will definitely be an interesting read.

Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, by Amy Chua
I have wanted to read this book for quite some time, especially after seeing all the negative reviews it got in the Western world. Many people complained that Amy's extreme Chinese parenting was barbaric and the book was quite polarizing to people. Like most people, I did not read the book, but I read all the scathing reviews...until now! I have already started reading this one and I find it to be hilarious and quite comical.


Has anybody read any of these books?
What are you guys reading this month?

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