Thursday, May 5, 2016

Now Featured On: Vancouver Mom!

Well, this has certainly been a huge week for me and as you can imagine I am basking in all the glory! First, my article "Don't Ask Me If I'm The Nanny To My Biracial Child" was published on Masalamommas (and shared 970+ times so far); then my article on interfaith marriages hit the stands in Complete Wellbeing magazine (on sale now, I'm on page 50!)

.....and now, drumroll....

I have been chosen as one of Vancouver's Top Mom Bloggers on Vancouver Mom! This one came as a huge surprise to me. Actually, I have been dying to get on this site since I started blogging because I want more local readers (most of my readers are in India & USA). I am always looking on the Vancouver Mom website to get ideas of fun stuff to do with my daughter. So, I am really thrilled to be on this site!

Have a great weekend, everybody! Hustle hard!


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  1. Congratulations Madh Mama! That's amazing!!! :) Great job!


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