Thursday, June 9, 2016

Best Children's Books about Daddies

Father's Day is right around the corner and I have been on the hunt for books that celebrate the beauty of fatherhood. Compared to all the great books about mommies, there are actually a lot less books about dads - which is unfortunate. In particular, I was looking for books that captured dads doing all the daily tasks of parenthood that you'd traditionally only see moms doing. This month, Maya's school is doing a nice Father's Day party and she has already designed an invitation for daddy and thatha!

Here are some of our favorite books about daddies:

Hop on Pop
This Dr.Seuss book is a classic for your child's library, and one of our personal favorites. The book features quick, rhyming language that is great to keep young children engaged in the fun story. This book is also good for children who are just beginning to read as it uses short words. This book was first published in the 60's and it hasn't gone out of style!

Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale
This is a hilarious book about a toddler that goes to the laundromat with his dad and his favorite stuffed toy, "knuffle bunny" mistakenly gets thrown in the washing machine. He has a huge tantrum and the dad gets frustrated because the toddler can't communicate with words. It is a very relatable story that all dads can connect with.

Saturday with Daddy
This book is about a baby elephant and his dad spending the day together on the weekend. They do all kinds of fun things, like have breakfast, go shopping, and nap together. I loved this book because it told "a day in the life" type of story and it portrayed the special bond that kids have with their dads when they spend uninterrupted quality time with them.

Papa, Do You Love Me?
In the white-washed world of books, this one adds a welcome diversity to the mix. This books takes place in the African countryside and it gives a taste of Masai culture, while reminding kids that children all over the world have a universal love their daddies. It is a good reminder - for kids and parents - to think globally.

Nelly Gnu and Daddy Too
This book comes from the same author that did the wildly popular Llama Llama Red Pajama (one of my top picks for books about mommies). This book focuses on Llama Llama's friend Nelly Gnu, who has a special day with her daddy. It is an inventive and creative story that shows Nelly and her dad building something special out of leftover cardboard. Anyone who loves Llama Llama will also love this book too. 

This book is a seasonal story that it specifically about Father's Day. Four year old Susie has big plans for her dad on Father's Day, including taking him to a carousel ride and a fast food restaurant. It is a humorous story about children's excitement, and also about parents' exhaustion to keep up with young children's non-stop energy. This book is great for preschoolers who are just beginning to comprehend what Father's Day is.
This is an award-winning book that is perfect for a starter library, young babies/toddlers, and especially any child who is obsessed with trucks and construction. The book has engaging, bright illustrations in primary colors. The story is about dads who support and encourage their children and who are proud of them.

This book is a sweet & tender story about all the reasons why kids love their dads - ie. "I love my daddy because he is big and strong". It is depicted by beautiful illustrations of a good variety of baby animals and their daddies. This one would be perfect for a first Father's Day present.

When I was little, I used to look at my dad's big hands and think that he was a giant. This book portrays the amazement that kids have about their dad's powerful size, paired with a wild imagination - ie. the dad is so tall that clouds rest on his shoulders. I liked this book because it had an accurate perspective that a child would have.


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What are your favorite children's books about daddies?



  1. A favorite in our house is "No ! Vendaam !" from Tulika books which centers on a father/daughter relationship.


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