Thursday, June 16, 2016

Now Featured On: Masalamommas (15 Common Stereotypes about Intercultural Relationships)

As many of you know, I am doing a once monthly cross-cultural feature on Masalamommas online magazine. It is wonderful to have a platform to voice issues and stories faced by our multicultural community. This month, my article is about the misconceptions that intercultural couples face regarding our relationships. Here is a small excerpt from my article:

"4. That you only married your spouse for a green card or to immigrate to a different country.

This is one of the misconceptions that I despise the most because it implies that intercultural unions are not as valid as others, or that it is based on an ulterior motive. In reality, intercultural relationships are based on love, just like any other relationship. Any married couple would want to live with their spouse and not be long-distance, which is why one partner eventually has to immigrate to the other partner’s country. Because of this, people doubt our love for each other, no matter that many of us have to uproot our lives just to be with our partner. Married couples should not have to live separately due to strict immigration laws, and families should not be divided by borders.

The “marrying for a green card” belief is also only assumed if one of the spouses is from a Western country like USA, Canada, Australia, England, for example. People always assume my Indian-born spouse married me to gain Canadian residency, but nobody ever assumes that I married my spouse to get an OCI (Overseas Citizen of India card)!"


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  1. A lot of these are misconceptions and I believe we should judge each case on its own merit and not write anybody off based on their intercultural relationships but I feel there is some truth to these stereotypes from my observations and there are some cases where it could be true.

    1. Yes, there is often some truth in sterotypes. And unfortunately marrying for a green card, is a very common story.


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