Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Our Summer in Pictures

By now it's Fall season in full swing, with the weather cooling down and the leaves falling off the trees - my favorite season. The kids are settled back into their school routine, and Summer feels long gone.

This Summer was fun for us because my in-law's were both here and got to enjoy it with us. I usually do a lot in the Summer, but this year I didn't feel like doing too much because the heat was too hard for me to handle and it made me very tired (Thank God I didn't go to that India trip in May!). We also had the little munchkin off school for 2 months and I took off work for the whole Summer - essentially becoming a stay-at-home mum again - which probably added to my tiredness. We spent a lot of time at home, having frequent barbecue dinners, swimming, playing soccer, and venturing out to the beach. It was a pretty relaxed and calm Summer. It was great to take off of work and spend time with my daughter and family.

Maya had a lot of big milestones this Summer - she got her first ever hair cut - 6 inches off! I also signed her up for a soccer class which she absolutely loved. She was the only girl in the class and she was fierce - she definitely gave the boys a run for their money! Husband-ji also took Maya to her first-ever movie in the big theater - they saw "Finding Dory" and she absolutely loved it. We also had a big birthday party for Maya in June and she invited 25 of her friends - total social butterfly!

Here is our Summer in pictures:


Dear readers, how was your Summer?
Was it busy or relaxed? How did you guys spend it?


  1. Hi Alex,
    What a great summer you had, glad you finally got to take off and have fun. Maya is so adorable! Love her new haircut, glad she is enjoying her soccer. Good to see Grandma and Grandpa out there kicking the ball with her, great! Great pictures of your Mom and your Dad, they look great. Husband-ji and you look great in the pictures, glad you all are enjoying being around family and experiencing all the great things in life, fantastic. Have a great weekend together.


  2. wow dear.. been reading your blog for quite some time now.. really inspired by your story..
    lovely pictures of the summer well spent! God bless your lovey dovey family!


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