Thursday, October 27, 2016

Diwali Memories

There's nothing like festival time to get you all nostalgic, especially when it comes to Diwali! Diwali is arguably the most important Indian festival that is celebrated from North to South. One of the things I love about this festival is that it unites all the regions of India, which seem so separate and divided at times - each with their own holidays.

Diwali is one of the festivals that I have learned to celebrate since meeting husband-ji because I did not grow up cerebrating it. After having children, it is even more special because you want to pass on these traditions to them.

When we were in college, it was easier because there was always a big Diwali party, so we just had to get dressed up and attend it. Over the years, we have mostly celebrated it at home with close friends and family.

Maya's first Diwali was when she was 5 months old. We got all dressed up and took her to the local Mahalaksmi temple where they had a big religious celebration. Maya wore a new outfit, but we just wore our wedding reception outfits from 6 months earlier!

The year after that, I was at home recovering from bacterial meningitis, so we didn't feel like doing much. I think Maya was the only one who got dressed up, until she ripped off the dress 30 seconds later! That year, my mum ended up cooking Diwali dinner for all of us!

For Diwali 2014, we actually did get dressed up and perform a small pooja. That year I was pretty tired because I had worked in the shop all day, so I just wore a simple new saree with minimal jewelry. Maya got all dressed up in a glittering new outfit - but again, ripped it off after 30 seconds! (Oh, toddlers!!!)

Last year was the first year that we got our shit together consciously made time to prepare for it and celebrate it properly. We got all dressed up, performed a pooja, and cooked a big dinner and had our friends over. We all wore new clothes, and Maya didn't rip it off. Maya was also very into the pooja and was eager to help us with it. Her curiosity definitely peaked.

This year will be fun because Diwali falls on October 30th - which is the day before Halloween! And it is the first year that we will be celebrating it as a complete multi-generational joint-family - since my in-law's moved in with us. Maya is also completely obsessed with her jewelry, so hopefully I won't have an issue dressing her up! We are planning to do a pooja, have friends over for a big dinner, and of course dress up!


What are your plans for Diwali this year?
What are your favorite Diwali memories from years past?


  1. Happy Diwali 2016, Wish to you all the members!

  2. Alex,

    Happy Diwali 2016, blessings to you all your family.



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