Saturday, October 29, 2016

Halloween memories

This week, I wrote about our favorite Diwali memories, and now I'm going to share my favorite Halloween memories. While Diwali is a relatively new festival for me (since I've only been celebrating it for 10 years or so), celebrating Halloween goes waaaaay back to my childhood. We always had so much fun coming up with costume ideas, and my mum always made homemade ones for me. I recently found all my old costumes during my parents' move - so JACKPOT!!! Halloween was always spent at my grandparents' house which makes it a very dear festival to me with lots of amazing memories. 

(Halloween at my grandparents' house)

Once we moved back to Canada and started settling into our own place - even before we had kids - husband-ji LOVED to celebrate it. So much so that he would constantly disappear to the Dollar Store or Halloween shop to go and buy more mummified rats for our decor! But the most fun part is definitely taking our own child out trick-or-treating. The last few years I have also joined in the fun by dressing up - I can only do this for so long until I start embarrassing my daughter, so why not? I also have a tradition of always watching a horror movie on Halloween night and eating lots of candy (thanks Maya!). This year I am planning to watch The Conjuring 2.

(Husband-ji's first Halloween in Canada)

On Maya's first Halloween, it was pouring rain and she was only 5 months old, so we only went to a few neighbors' houses for trick or treating. She dressed up as a pink elephant and looked oh-so-cute.

For her second Halloween, I decided to dress her up as a bunny because it looked like a warm costume. She couldn't walk that far, so we mostly ended up carrying her to a few houses in my parents' neighborhood.

For her third Halloween, she became adamant about not wanting to wear a costume so I had to change her costume last minute. I decided that the easiest costume for her would be a black cat - I could put on cat ears as a hair clip and paint her whiskers on when she was napping - I was very stealth about it. Once she realized the concept that you have to dress up to get candy - she was totally into it! That year we ended up walking pretty far for trick-or-treating because she was so active. We took the dog out too, but we didn't dress him up.

Last year was the ultimate Halloween celebration and she was very into it. She wanted to be a cowgirl because we had just been to Yellowstone National Park that Summer. Our cousins came up from Seattle and they celebrated it with us for the first time themselves. It was a big, fun family celebration that went late into the night!

This year, Maya's going to be dressing up in one of my old Halloween costumes from when I was little!


What are your favorite Halloween memories?
What are your Halloween plans this year?


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  1. just adorable!

    Happy Halloween


  2. Awww.....Halloween is the holiday I miss most. I like Maya's black kitty pic the most because her expression & the lolly capture the Halloween spirit so much. And look at that adorable angel in the top pic!


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