Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My Pregnancy Essentials

First off, let me tell you guys that I'm so very happy to be able to write this post! This is my second time being pregnant and I feel so fortunate to experience that. However, pregnancy is a pretty weird experience in general. Even though this one has been far easier than my first, it is still pretty taxing on my body as all my nutrients and energy are going directly to the baby. Sometimes I don't feel quite myself as it's like my body is being controlled by some tiny emperor alien growing inside of me, who is quite bossy already. Also, as my body expands (god help us!!!) I realize that I'm not quite able to do the things I'm used to - lifting anything, for example; running around like a madwoman; or straining too much in any way (I am on strike from any strenuous household work - hee hee, lucky me!).

There are also a lot of things that I am relying on in my daily life, just to make my life a bit more comfortable. A lot of these things I used with my first pregnancy as well.

Here's my top pregnancy essentials:

1. Bio Oil
This is a cheap drugstore oil that is available almost anywhere - I think they even carry it in Costco. It has a very delicate smell to it that doesn't irritate me too much. I like to put it on my tummy at night to alleviate any stretch marks or itching as my skin expands on my belly.

2. Tums
I have the worst ever pregnancy-related heartburn, that I have a stash everywhere I go  next to the bed, in my living room, and in my purse.

I used this pillow with my first pregnancy, and now with this one. It is the perfect shape and it wraps around your head and legs so easily, since you can only sleep on your side. Regular pillows just don't do the trick!

This is my favorite skin cleanser and it works so well on sensitive skin. It makes your skin feel so soft and light, and it is unscented. Most cleansers I have tried are too harsh.

I am not wearing any makeup nowadays, but I still like to add a nice glow to my skin. I spray this on my face after I have a shower and it feels so nice. The smell is very light and non-irritating.
Being pregnant, your body temperature is naturally quite high which means you can sweat a lot. I used to use husband-ji's deodorant because I was sweating like a man, until it stopped working for me. I found this Honest deodorant at a baby store and it actually works!!! I also love the smell. One of the moms at school said I smell like essential oils with it on!
For some reason, my regular toothpaste started making me gag during pregnancy. Right now I'm using Tom's toothpaste because it's very gentle.
I'm basically living in these! It's the only thing that's comfortable to wear right now, and I'll even wear it under a dress too. The waistband stretches over the entire tummy and feels so comfortable.
I have to keep a notepad beside me most of the time because I'm constantly forgetting everything! I also can't move around too fast, so by the time I reach my desk I've already forgotten what I was meaning to write down!
My aunt gave me a Lakshmi necklace for my birthday and I have been wearing it every day. Lakshmi is a powerful goddess for women to wear, and she is also very lucky.

11. Ellen Tracy or Eileen West nightgowns
I'm basically living in these right now - they are so comfortable and pretty. Lots of room for an expanding belly and totally unfussy!
My feet totally expanded during pregnancy, so I started wearing husband-ji's shoes! That's when I discovered these fabulous slip-on shoes by Kenzo. They are so comfortable, supportive, and stylish!
I swear sitting on this ball in my last trimester made my daughter come out super fast! I used to sit on it and rock back and forth several times a day, and also during my laboring as well. At a certain point, sitting becomes uncomfortable, and that's when you need one of these!
Don't worry, this is non-alcoholic! Ginger is proven to be a great nausea buster, and I can't get enough of the taste of ginger. I love to drink it in a soda form because then it settles my stomach and reduces my heartburn.

Some other things I'm doing are:

When you're pregnant, you can't really take any medicine to alleviate any bodily problems like before, so I rely on acupuncture to help me out. More than anything, it really relaxes me.

I go to reflexology every few weeks where someone massages my feet for an hour and I completely fall asleep. It has helped so much with the swelling on my feet!

Chiropractic Care
I can't recommend this highly enough - it's such a lifesaver for me. Pregnancy is really hard on the spine and the pelvis, and getting weekly adjustments has been an absolute life saver on my growing body. Chiropractic care can also help with easier births.


What are/were your pregnancy essentials?
Is there anything you used to make the 9 months easier?


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