Monday, November 21, 2016

Our Family Vacation to Disneyland

Last month, we decided to do something really special. Being conscious of the fact that our baby will be arriving early next year, we wanted to do a special trip with Maya - her last "hurrah" as an only child! We decided to take off of work/school during a random weekday and head down to Disneyland - in California. It was only a 2 hour flight from Vancouver so it was really easy. We thought about bringing my in-law's too (who currently live with us) but we thought it would be better to go as just the 3 of us, and take my in-law's with us next time.

It was a very, very special trip. It gave us time to really bond with our daughter one-on-one. We made so many unforgettable memories. The whole trip was completely dedicated to her and she was just over the moon! We had so much fun as a family and we both rode on all the rides with her.

Maya was really the perfect age to go, as she is so active now that she was not easily tired. This Summer, when it was too hot to venture out of the house, Maya and I watched all the classic Disney films - Snow WhiteSleeping BeautyCinderellaBambi  - so she was able to recognize all the characters and princesses and was really excited about meeting them.

It was also the perfect time to go during my pregnancy. I had a lot of energy in my second trimester, and we wanted to go before I entered the third trimester no-fly zone.

I remember my parents taking me to Disneyland when I was younger, so it was so amazing to see my own daughter experience it for the first time and see it through her eyes. Husband-ji had also never been to Disneyland before, and although he usually hates doing kid stuff, he also had a great time. Disneyland - as compared to when I visited in the 90's - is even better now and well-thought out. It is so family friendly and it's just the most fun place for kids.

I would love to return back in a few years when Maya is older - it is really a place that kids can keep experiencing as they get older. Maya was so happy about the trip and she said that next time, she will take "her baby" (her sibling) on all the rides!



  1. Alex,

    Oh my these are great pictures from Disneyland! I am so glad you had an opportunity to take Maya and Husband-ji, what a great time. Love the picture of you in front of Cinderella castle. I just loved all these picture, I am sure Maya just had a blast with you and her Daddy. Glad she had a great time. Hopefully your Sandhaya and Father in Law can go next time. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Disneyland is so much fun. In our family it is an annual tradition to visit Disneyland around our daughter's birthday and since it is during the "off season" there are fewer people. My husband is a huge Star Wars fan and now with all the Star Wars stuff being constructed he gets even more excited. A lot of people don't get Disneyland but I am glad that we get to go as a family and all become kids for three days.

    Did you also go to California Adventure park? That is a super awesome slightly more adult experience but with plenty built in for kids such as cars land and bugs land.


  3. Beautiful place, good place to visit.


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