Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Best Children's Books About Christmas

Christmas really sneaked up on us quickly this year - it's barely a week away! Maya is very excited about Christmas, so we are reading all our special holiday books. I also love giving Christmas books to Maya's little friends. One of the things I love about this festival is that there is a huge variety of books about Christmas for children.

Here are some of our favorites:
(ages 4-10)
This book is a holiday favorite that is fun to read, as much as it is to watch the movie. The Grinch character is less scary - and more funny - in the book than he is in the movie. Everybody knows a grinch character in real life, and the book has a great message to kids about being kind to others and an emphasis on people, rather than materialism. It's a must for every children's library, and a book for keeps!
(ages 4-10)
This one is a holiday classic that gets me so excited - this is a must to read during the holiday season and especially during Christmas Eve. I particularly love the illustrations in this edition as they are very painterly and graphic.
(ages 3-8)
This is one of the new books that I've just discovered this year and loved, although it is an older book. Mr. Willowby is a rich man who lives in a big mansion and he orders a Christmas tree that is too big, so he chops the top of it off. Then, the Christmas tree gets passed onto smaller families for their little houses, sharing the joy all around the neighborhood.
(ages 4-10)
This is a lovely book about a family who has immigrated to America and celebrates their first Christmas in a foreign country. They feel a bit homesick and a bit out of place, so they celebrate it with their neighbors who are all seemingly a bit lonely and displaced. This book really emphasizes the power of inclusion and community. It is a pretty accurate description of big city living, apartment life, and I loved all the diverse characters.
(ages 3-8)
This is a fun, imaginative story about what Snowmen do when everyone's sleeping, and how they celebrate Christmas. It's quite Toy Story-esque with the Snowmen coming alive and running around the town at night.
(ages 3-8)
If you're a fan of the fun Fancy Nancy series, you'll love this holiday sequel. Nancy is absolutely delighted by Christmas as she loves any celebration and she is really in her element in the fanciness of the holiday season. This book has a good moral to the story - teaching sharing, and patience to kids.
(ages 18 months-5)
This book is a worthy sequel for folks who are fans of the original Little Blue Truck book. The best part is the light-up grand finale on the last page, which will dazzle toddlers and preschoolers. Little Blue Truck spreads Christmas cheer by delivering Christmas trees to all his favorite animal friends. This book also utilizes practicing counting.
(ages 2-6)
I loved this holiday version of the Llama Llama series. Little llama is known to be very dramatic, and certainly Christmastime is not spared from all his drama. Most parents will get a chuckle at the impatient holiday antics of this llama.
(age 3-8)
This is an excellent little Christmas book about preparations in Busytown. It has a lot of fun illustrations that will glue kids to the page as they explore. It's especially good for kids who are increasing their vocabulary, as it features words, songs, and games.
(ages 0-2)
This is a wonderful first Christmas book for babies and toddlers who are just starting to learn what Christmas is all about. It's a lift-the-flap book with bright colors that will keep little readers entertained while they search for their Christmas present.
(ages 0-2)
This is an excellent starter book for babies and toddlers, especially if you're a fan of the Spot book series. This book goes through the preparations of Christmas, like decorating the tree and preparing food in the kitchen, that makes little kids understand the process of Christmas.


What books about Christmas do you enjoy?
Are there any memorable ones that you've discovered recently, or that you remember from your childhood?


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  1. Great list of Christmas books. I love the classic "The Night Before Christmas." Thank you so much for sharing. :)


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