Friday, December 23, 2016

Our Christmas Memories

(Maya's first Christmas - 2012)

As festivals pass every year, I often think back to memories of our celebrations from years past fondly. It's crazy to think about how some things change every year, and other things stay the same. Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday of the year. We always celebrated it so grandly because my grandmother was a Christmas Day baby, and I loved how it brought all the family together. Now that I have a family of my own, it is even more special and we have added in our own unique elements to it - like cooking a big Indian meal for Christmas lunch! My in-law's, who never celebrated Christmas prior to me, are also completely in love with the festival.

Here are some of my favorite Christmas memories from years past:

Christmas 1991 - Most of the Christmases of my childhood were spent at my grandma's cozy ranch house in the University district and it was my favorite place to be! This Christmas was very exciting because my first little cousin was born that year and it was like welcoming a baby brother into the family. As you can see, we all used to dress in red!

Christmas 2008 - It was our first winter we spent here after moving back to Canada with husband-ji. There was a huge, never-ending snowstorm that year and it was the first time husband-ji experienced snow. I used to say that the snow came just for his arrival. He absolutely loves cold weather and it was a wondrous time. My dad lent him all his heavy snow coats, and we spent hours walking through the snow-lined streets and taking in the quiet beauty of it all.

Christmas 2010 - This was our first Christmas after getting our doggy, Ziggy. He was very much our first little baby, and we were obsessed with dog training books and everything dog. He was only a few months old here. We moved into a little house that year, so we felt very "adult" because we had a house and a dog. We were also in the midst of our wedding planning, which would happen the following Summer.

Christmas 2012 - Our first Christmas with our little angel Maya, and as parents. I didn't know Christmas could get more special after having a baby, and it just doubled the joy for us. I dressed her all up in one of her little frilly dresses. My in-law's also spent Christmas with us and it was just so much fun. That year, we got another big snowfall and Maya got her first tooth, just in time for Christmas!

Christmas 2013 - That year was both somber and special, as I had just recovered from bacterial meningitis and was just happy to be alive. Maya was so little then, and I could have left her without a mother. I was her sole caretaker then and I started to realize then that I needed to rely on other people, in case a health emergency ever happened like that again.

Christmas 2014 - This year was a bit hectic because we had just gotten back from our India trip, had no time to do Christmas shopping, and we all got sick from the extreme temperature change. It worked out perfectly though, because we just did a simple Christmas and avoided most of the Christmas shoppers since we had been out of town. The picture above is of me (and Maya) and my little cousins, all grown up!

Christmas 2015 - This was our last Christmas in my mum's house before she sold it. My mum always had a frosted Christmas tree which made the ornaments pop. Every year, Christmas gets more and more exciting for Maya and she loves all aspects of the festival, from decorating to cooking, and singing holiday songs. 2015 was also her first year at preschool and she had just performed Christmas carols at her school holiday party, which was adorable to watch.

Stay tuned for my report of Christmas 2016!


Dear readers, Merry Christmas to you & your families!
What are your most memorable Christmases?
What are your plans for Christmas this year?


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  1. Alex, Merry Christmas Eve,
    Thank you for showing us these beautiful photos of your family at Christmas. These are wonderful memories with you and your family. Maya is so cute in her little Christmas outfit. Glad your Mother in Law and Father in law live with you now, hope they are doing okay. Everyone can share in the Chistmas fun.

    Bless you,



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