Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Blogging with a baby

One of my main priorities after having Veda was to try to figure out a way to continue blogging regularly - while trying to balance new motherhood and overseeing two children. I love how my blog gives me a space to express myself and it gives me a purpose outside the demands of family. It's just for me. And I love that about it. So even though I've had another kid, I didn't want to give it up because let's face it - it's so easy to lose yourself in motherhood, day to day. The kids do come first after all, and if they want your attention they will scream their head off let you know about it.

I originally started my blog about 4 and a half years ago, when Maya was 3 months old and I was on maternity leave. Back then, I had a lot of time on my hands. (I didn't realize it then...I thought I had no time...ha ha!) I tried to blog before but it just didn't stick. But undergoing such a huge life change - motherhood - made me want to write again and reach out to the world. 

I never used to put Maya down for a nap. I don't know why, I just couldn't do it! (Maybe that's why she's super attached to me to this day?!) First, I got caught up on all my shows, then I watched movies, then I read books, and then I started to feel frustrated that I couldn't express myself. I felt like I was wasting away a bit. I wanted to produce something for myself, to creatively document my time and experiences. However, it had to be something that I could do with a baby sleeping on my chest! So, I started typing away...figuring that nobody will even read it anyway. And then the blog was born, as my daughter napped on top of me. And because I did it daily when she was napping, it became a routine for me that I really enjoyed - and it stuck.

Fast-forward 4 and a half years and we have been blessed with another little one. Now I'm juggling two children who are completely attached to me. One to my boobs and the other to my legs. But blogging is still a priority to me. I still love writing and sharing my thoughts and experiences. This time it's a bit harder to find the time, at this moment at least. You sort of have to steal time to do it. I can't find the time every day as I did before. Especially when I'm juggling not only 2 children but our 4 big babies parents. But when the planets align and Maya goes to school and Veda goes down for her nap, the sky opens up and the angels sing upon me HALLELUJAH, I run into my office, shut the door, and get some writing time in. Otherwise known as "me" time! And by "office", I mean a shitty little room in our apartment that has no temperature control, is scattered with papers, crumbs from my cookies, an exercise machine, and also functions as my in-law's closet. It's nothing fancy. It's a shitty all-purpose room because we don't know what the hell to do with it. But I do call it "my office", because I like to pretend it's fancy, and at least my desk faces away from all the clutter.

Finding the time to write now only happens a few days a week, but it's one of the times I most look forward to. Sunday & Monday- husband-ji is off work, so Sunday is a family day and on Monday we usually have a date when Maya goes to school. On Friday, I spend the day at my parents' house, and Saturday I devote the day to Maya. So that means only Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I may have some time in the afternoon IF the baby sleeps.

Sometimes I think, well the blog can wait because the children are only young once. Which is true, but I really enjoy documenting it. And I'm not going to remember all these little things a few years down the road. It will all get lost in the deep fog of motherhood.

So, here's a few tips about finding time to blog after a baby:

Steal the time
Time is pretty scarce as a new mother and it cuts down even more the more children you have. It's hard enough getting the children fed/nursed, dressed, entertained, asleep - and then you also have to do your own basic needs like shower, eat and sleep which are hard enough as it is. Sometimes I'm so busy tending to the children that I have to eat two hours after them, even though I'm starving - having not eaten, and had to produce about 2 Big Mac's worth of breast milk. "Me time" doesn't necessarily happen every day and sometimes you have to sacrifice something. Sometimes it comes down to - would I rather blog for 30 minutes OR take a relaxing bubble bath? Because there's only time today to do one of those things - not both.

You can basically write anywhere
One time, I asked a famous Indian author if he had a space that he likes to write in the most - like how does he get in the mood to write? He said a real writer can write anywhere. That most of the things he had written were things on the go, and if a writer tells you that he/she can only write at a special desk - then they are not a real writer. This stuck with me and I think about it a lot nowadays. I do prefer sitting in my office, but when the baby's continually using me as a human pacifier I've discovered I can also write on the notepad app on my phone. And if my phone dies, I can also write on a post-it note.

You won't have as much time, but that's okay
With kids, routines are constantly changing. Some days they sleep and you can get work done, other days are more chaotic. You can think "today would be a great day to do a little blogging" and then the whole day goes topsy-turvy. But no matter how crazy it gets, you can definitely find time to do it at least once a week. Unless the kids are sick. If the kids are sick, then you can't do shit.

Cut down on unnecessary distractions
I don't mean the children...ha ha. I mean things like social media, pinterest, and replying to comments, which are the biggest time suckers ever that take away from your minuscule writing time. For example, if I'm breastfeeding for 15 minutes in the bedroom, I'll usually go on social media and try to reply to people as well as look at articles, pinterest and get inspiration. And by the time the baby's done feeding, I log off and it's a short little check-in so that you don't end up on social media for hours. And yes, as any breastfeeding mother can attest to, sometimes you lovingly gaze into your child's eyes and other times you're trapped in your bedroom and bored out of your mind! So, at least for one of the feeds you can do it. That is, if the tyrant baby lets you!


What about you, dear readers?
How do you find the time to do things you enjoy?
If you blog, how do you "steal" your time?
How often do you blog?



  1. Well, gosh.
    Just think of what life was like for moms BEFORE the internet!
    Talk about isolated!
    After a career of being in the public spotlight for 15 yrs I just basically 'retired' & enjoyed momhood without interruption for 7 yrs. I took a few consulting & peer review assignments but that was it. I didn't even own a smartphone for those 7 yrs.
    Being new to blogging I'm just amazed at how much there is to learn, constantly! Promoting my blog & social media is the part I can barely tolerate so it rarely gets done.

  2. I'm so glad that you can still find tme to write because I really enjoy to read your life documentary!
    I don't have kids yet but because I moved to India and for now I'm not working I also needed kill time somehow, so I stearted write a blog! I'm writing in my notebook sometimes 2 posts a day and sometimes only 2 a week or less but on the blog publish at least 3-4 posts a week and for me it's great way to keep my indian memories. I always loed to write but only when I started a blog I started feel that it's something I really want to do :)))


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