Monday, April 10, 2017

Veda: 2 months old!

I can't believe our littlest one is 2 months old already! The last few months have just flown by so fast. Every day is really chaotic, but loads of fun.

My favorite part of this last month has been getting to discover Veda's personality more. As you might be able to tell in the pictures of her, she's very serious. It looks as if she's deep in thought at all times. And she's not very easily impressed by us. She's quite grumpy too - my mother-in-law says it's my karma to have a grumpy child since I told her she had a grumpy face so many times during my pregnancy...ha ha! Veda does crack a smile once in a while, but most of the time she likes to stare you down. She's definitely intense. She's beautiful, but she's way fierce. I actually noticed this when I was pregnant as I was very short-tempered for the first time in my life. I thought it might be the baby's personality coming out, and it totally was. I also kept hearing this cracking sound coming from my belly - like cracking knuckles. As in...the baby getting ready to punch somebody!

Veda is so different than Maya in every which way, that it's a miracle that they have such a strong connection as they do. Maya is absolutely obsessed with her, and at the latest parent/teacher meeting at school the teachers told me she talks about the baby all day long! She's very possessive over her little sister.

This month we really got into a good routine in the parenting department. Veda started having regular nap times from around 5 weeks onwards, regular feed times, and a regular bed time. Getting used to her natural rhythm makes our life easier wherein we can predict at what times we can go out, and roughly predict what times my boobs need to be available she will be hungry. She has fit into our routine quite nicely - going down for her big afternoon nap right as I drop Maya to school, and stays asleep for 3-4 hours which frees up my time to do some work. The only problem is that she only wants to sleep in her car seat during the day, which means I either have to drive around until she falls asleep; or I have to walk with her up and down the street like a neighborhood security guard! On most days, I take her with me to drop Maya at school and she's asleep by the time we get back home.

Last month, we tried to put the kids to bed at the same time which worked for a while, until we realized that it was too early for Maya and too late for Veda. Now, we put Veda to bed first, and then follow with Maya. That way Maya gets to read a lot more stories before bed. The whole bedtime procession starts at about 7 pm, and by the time it's all over, it's already 9:30 pm and we are exhausted. Sometimes I even mistakenly doze off in Maya's bed! Unfortunately it makes it impossible to go out for dinner or do a date night, so we have instead been doing dates in the afternoon like seeing a matinee movie - along with all the elderly people. I have been fitting in a little self-care by taking a hot bubble bath with Epsom salts around 6:30 pm - a little "me" time - which keeps me sane enough to last through the bedtime procession!

We have been struggling a little bit in terms of the fact that Veda has sometimes stopped taking my pumped milk from my in-law's. I have been exclusively breastfeeding, but sometimes on the weekends I like to pump a bottle of milk so I can take Maya out somewhere special and devote some one-on-one time to her. And we have been trying to give Veda a pacifier (so far tried 3 different brands) and she refuses to take it and instead only wants Mommy. I do enjoy breastfeeding, (although it is very demanding) but I wish she would take the pacifier instead of using me as a human pacifier and gnawing on me!

This month was also a bit trying for us due to the fact that Maya and Veda both got sick. And we had a thrush outbreak and I got mastitis! Yup, that was how we spent Spring totally sucked. Poor Veda has had a cold 3 times already but the last one was particularly bad. We were so freaked out that we went to the children's hospital twice in the middle of the night. I felt silly because she just had a bad cold and wet cough. Of course my mind had to wander to what if she had pneumonia and was checking "infant wet cough meaning" on Dr. Google at 4 am!

Other than those little speed bumps, everything has been going great. Veda is becoming increasingly more alert during the day and I just love talking to her, cuddling with her, singing to her, and staring into her little blue-grey eyes. Her eyes are like the ocean...

I can't wait to see what the next month brings!



  1. Veda is pretty like princess! And you are such amazing Mum (maybe only stop checking Google please ;) ) and it's great that Girls already have good connection. I hae older sister (7 years!) and I think that older sister is the best what girl can have!

  2. Alex

    Veda is so adorable. Glad you have her on a schedule. Give you some free time for yourself. Maya is so cute with her.



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