Tuesday, May 16, 2017

May Celebrations

(Maya's birthday card for her dad)

The last week has been quite hectic in our big household as we had two celebrations in one week: husband-ji's birthday and Mother's Day, which were both equally sweet.

I never know what to get husband-ji for his birthday. I am always so stumped because he loves to shop and he's the biggest diva ever. He hates anything I get him, except when it's food-related. With two kids, I basically hardly ever leave the house anymore when I don't have to so I thought we'd bake him an eggless chocolate cake for his birthday. Little did I know that Maya would be the baker and I would be her assistant!

I love baking with her and this was our first time making an eggless cake together. It came out great. We also made chocolate buttercream from scratch and Maya decorated it with sprinkles. It was a lovely activity to do together. We usually bake cookies quite often, but we have never baked a cake together.

Other than that, the day was a disaster, as always. The dishwasher broke so the landlord sent maintenance men in and out of our apartment all morning as they tried to fix the old dingy thing, which hardly worked in the first place. After about 5 hours of them trying to fix it, they finally realized that they should just buy a new one for us. Well, duh. (By the way, the new one is just as shitty as the old one!) Then, we tried to go to a nice restaurant in the evening and poor Veda cried the whole time and crapped in her pants. In a restaurant with no change table. Thanks, guys. She spit up all over me, my tummy was hurting so I hardly ate dinner, and we all raced through dinner to get the f*ck home. We told my in-law's that we'd get the baby loaded into the car and bring it to the front of the restaurant. We were waiting out front and losing patience while Veda was wailing in the car, while they were down in the parking garage where Maya was having a gigantic tantrum because she thought we had driven off and left her there. Then, we finally got home and had about 5 minutes to blow out the candles and shove the cake down our throats before the bedtime procession started by Veda's tired evening rooster call at 7 o'clock sharp. I told husband-ji that I refuse to go out for dinner for like, ever again.

It was an absolute disaster of a day, but at least:
a) the cake came out beautifully
b) Maya presented the cake to her dad with such pride
c) we had such fun making the cake together

Mother's Day was 5 days later and it was much more calm and relaxed, lucky me! I usually wake up early with the kids at 6am, but I decided to sleep in for a few extra hours. I figured that it's Mother's Day and I totally deserve it! We didn't do much that day, except stay at home and watch Moana with Maya (her special weekend movie treat). More and more, I'm really loving having less of a schedule with the kids. I'm becoming an absolute hermit! I'm perfectly happy staying at home in my pajama's, putting a big quilt down on the living room floor, and playing with the kids or reading to them.

The next day, we had a special Mother's Day party at Maya's school where the kids sang songs to us, gave us an art & craft gift, and served tea and cakes to us. I brought my mother-in-law along with me and she just loved it.


Dear readers, how was your Mother's Day?
Did you do anything special?


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