Monday, May 8, 2017

Now Featured On: WWAM & Almost Indian Wife

Recently I was featured on two of my favorite blogs, WWAM Bam! and The Almost Indian Wife.

WWAM Bam! is a blog that features stories from diverse intercultural couples & aims to break stereotypes in our community. My blogger friend Jocelyn is a contributor and she featured me in an article she wrote: 25 Stunning Photos of Western Women & Asian Men Who Got Married. Do check it out! For more about Jocelyn, don't forget to read her love story. And for more about our wedding, click HERE.

I was also featured on The Almost Indian Wife in 7 Multiracial Families You Should Follow. I just love to see all the other families I was featured with. Don't forget to read Brittany's love story, and do follow me on Instagram to see lots of behind-the-scenes pictures of our family life!


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