Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Veda: 3 months old!

Well, here I am...writing this bleary-eyed at 11 o'clock at night...because it's literally the only time I will get since these kiddo's keep me on my toes during the day! The day will start at about 7 hours from now and then it will be full steam ahead - absolute go-go-go chaos until 9 o'clock the next night. I feel silly for thinking this - but now that Veda's no longer a big sleepy blob newborn anymore, I am continually surprised how busy life is with 2 kids! By the way, how DO people function who have 3+ kids?! I'm completely baffled.

Anyways, back to Veda. We have officially survived "the fourth trimester". We have ALL survived and nobody has been neglected. The newborn phase is over. We actually have a fat little baby with a big personality. I had to pack up a box of Veda's newborn clothes that don't fit anymore and the whole thing was just surreal. Did it really go by that fast?! The days are long and the years are short, as they say.

Breastfeeding is on a roll and my milk squirts like there's no tomorrow. And now the clever little thing has decided not to take the bottle whatsoever because she's got so used to my breast. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about that. It makes it a little bit hard if I need to leave the baby to go out somewhere (school pick up/drop off, a mommy/Maya date, helping my parents, a pedicure maybe?!) My friend recommended a "boob-shaped bottle" which is what we will be purchasing and trying next. Either that, or husband-ji is going to have to dress up as me, by wearing my leopard-print nightgown and try to trick her into taking it. But this one is not easily fooled. I can already tell she's real slick. And she's looking at me like she's down for the ride!

She loves to be taken out, but only at certain timings. If I take her out too much she gets quite annoyed. As in, the late afternoon - she gives me hell if I take her out then. I'm constantly planning out the logistics with the kids. When the day starts, I roughly know exactly when she's going to be sleepy and when to feed - which has to be timed accordingly to Maya's school schedule. But more than that, I'm trying to be flexible and follow her natural rhythms because she keeps changing every month. As soon as I get into a routine with her, it shifts a little bit. So I try not to look at the clock too much and just let her tell me her own cues based on how she's feeling.

Veda's hair is really something else. I swear it has grown, and it is growing upwards as if it has zero gravity. Some days it looks like she's stuck her hand in an electrical socket because it just stands straight up!

The best part about the last month has definitely been the smiles. She is SMILING at us. Not just once. Like all the time. I can't even get enough of it. She thinks we are very entertaining. Her smiles is the highlight of our life!

We have been trying to place her down as much as possible so she doesn't get used to being carried and subsequently breaks my back or arms. Last month, she wasn't having it. But this month, she had adapted. After a feed, we put her down on a quilt in the living room and she watches us excitedly. She likes all the hustle and bustle in our home of 6 people! She stretches and kicks her legs and squeals a bit. She's almost starting to do some weird baby-yoga - like she's trying to roll over soon, so I've really got to keep an eye on her.

She has also gotten so much better about noise. Last month she was so sensitive about noises - especially my in-law's in the kitchen. It really drove me crazy so I was forced to take the baby out for walks during her naps when my mother-in-law was cooking. But now she has got used to the constant clatter of dishes, pressure cooker, grinder, and blender of the full-service Indian restaurant that my mother-in-law runs out of our house. It's a relief that now I can stay at home for some of her naps and I don't have to get worried about her being disturbed my noises.

Maya has been such a great help with the baby. Husband-ji got her a small hand-held harmonica and she plays it when the baby gets fussy. I originally thought a harmonica would be hell (another toy that makes noise?!) but it has turned out to be a god-send because the baby just loves it. Maya also helps me with laundry and likes to fold all of Veda's burp cloths. She doesn't seem bothered that I have to bring the baby everywhere (because she won't take the bottle); although I wish I could spend more one-on-one time with Maya. Basically, she's the perfect big sister. She has all these cute little nicknames for her too, like "my little chana masala" or "my little cornmeal muffin"! Maya announced to me the other day that she would also be celebrating Mother's Day since she's apparently "Veda's mommy!". It was so adorable.

Until next month!



  1. 'my little chana masala' - ha ha. That is so funny and cute.

  2. I love Veda's hair! these 3 months have really gone by :)

  3. Oh my! your daughters are so soo adorable! Your little one reminds me of my son, he never once took a bottle. So much so that I had to find a day care right behind my workplace and I would go twice to nurse him there and come back. It is another story that he breast fed till he was almost 3 :(. Motherhood is the most enjoyable journey.

  4. AWWWWWW... that is the cutest thing ever! "my channa masala" :D I thought only I did such things, by calling my husband "shahi paneer" :D That is so cute Alexandra. I wish we were closer to Vancouver. I want to meet the girls sooooo badly! Love all your articles and photos! Veda often reminds me of the baby in Boss Baby :P She is the cutest ever! I have grown to love and respect Maya soooo much! You have the sweetest daughters <3

  5. So wonderful! Sounds like her getting used to noise is great! "My little chana masala" haha, love it.


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