Monday, July 10, 2017

Latest Family Photos!

A few months ago, we got some family pictures taken for Mother's Day (at the time, Veda was only 3 months old - so she has grown a lot since then!). The photographer who did it is Rose Dykstra of Simply Rose Photography and she was recommended by a friend of mine. It was supposed to be a mom/kids only shoot except I was so happy that Rose allowed husband-ji to get in the pictures too.

It has been so hard to get a good group shot all together - we have so few of them! Despite the baby being 3 months old at the time, this was the only shot of the 4 of us that we had taken! Life gets so busy...and sometimes 1 kid is in the mood and the other is not. Sometimes we are so tired so we'd prefer not to get in the picture. Sometimes we forget. For me, I'm always the one behind the camera! Even though I spend all my time with the kids, I hardly have any photos of us together except for the selfie's I've taken - which are not exactly frame-worthy. More and more, I'm relying on outside photographers to capture me with the least once a year.

Our last photoshoot was in the Fall for our Christmas card, which was outdoors - documentary style. This one was indoors in a studio with a white background. Being a mom herself, Rose knew how to photograph families and children so well. I feel like the pictures captured our personalities perfectly.

Be sure to check out Simply Rose on Instagram too.


Dear readers, which one is your favorite?



  1. The candid shot of maya is really pretty and of course the whole family snap too.

  2. I recently discovered your blog and am totally loving it. I come from a mixed family (Afghan dad, Russian mom) and now have my own mixed family :) My husband is Bengali Indian and we just had our first baby, a son, in June.

    You guys look amazingly beautiful in these pictures and in all the others you post. Seeing your cute girls make me want to have a sister for my boy even more haha. I think your blog comes in very useful for parents raising mixed race children. Please keep it up. Take care!

  3. This is such a great set! But my favorite is the third one, of Maya with her back to the camera.

  4. Alex

    These are great photos. Happy to see your smiling faces. I can only imagine how busy life is for you, take care of your self. Love the picture of Maya and Veda, just love Veda's expression. Glad husband-ji got into picture.


  5. The pics are all great, but my favourite is the last one, you look great ! Take care. -Pad


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