Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A Review of Tokabox: an educational subscription box for kids!

Raising my daughter between two cultures and currently living in Canada, I am always on the lookout for ways to honor and teach her about her Indian heritage.

I was recently contacted by Tokabox with a request to review their monthly educational subscription box and I was absolutely thrilled and impressed by their company. Each box contains a children's book, an activity, and a recipe that you can make with your child. In our home, we are big on reading, art, and home-cooked meals so it reflected our lifestyle perfectly.

Tokabox has two boxes for kids based on age - Toka Junior is for preschoolers; and Toka Explorer is for elementary aged kids.

Since my daughter is 5 years old, I wanted to try both boxes to see how they were different. The month I received was Diwali themed for October - each month has a different theme.

In the Toka Junior box (for age 3 - 5 years old) it contained the picture book Rani Saves Diwali, a craft project to make your own paper lantern diya, and a vegan murukku recipe.

Here are some pictures of the paper lantern diya project:

In the Toka Explorer box (for age 5-8 years old) it contained the book Festival of Light: Deepavali Legends from around India, an activity where you make an electric diya, and a rangoli stencil.

Here are some pictures of the electric diya project:

The thing I appreciate about Tokabox is that all the materials are fully supplied for the kids' activity so you don't have to run out anywhere to buy a something to do the project. For example, in the Toka Junior box, even a sheet of newsprint was supplied to do the craft on so that it wouldn't mess up your table surface! Each box comes with detailed instructions that are easy to follow.

But the thing that I love most about it is that Tokabox celebrates multiculturalism and diversity. And that's exactly what kids need more of!

Maya absolutely loved receiving her own boxes in the mail and she was so excited about it. It made for a great after-school or weekend project. The Diwali items she made will be kept for our annual decorations to display for years to come.

In regards to purchasing, Tokabox has a lot of different options. You can try 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months. They also have a "Toka Celebrate" option that has 4 boxes a year for Indian festivals (Navratri, Diwali Sankranti, Holi). They also have a "Toka History" option that has 4 boxes per year to educate children on the History of India. They ship to the U.S., Canada, U.K, Australia, and Singapore.

Tokabox would be a great birthday or holiday gift for kids because it's educational, fun, and it keeps them busy! With every purchase, Tokabox donates a book to an underprivileged school in India. I'm going to be purchasing it for Maya's little cousins for their birthdays.

Click HERE to check out Tokabox!

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  1. This is a great idea! I've seen many subscription boxes before, but this is my first time to see something focused on culture. They don't feature our cultures though, so I guess I'll just have to DIY when the time comes, but this is good starting point!


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