Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Our Spring Break Vacation to Mount Baker

Recently Maya was off school for Spring Break and my father-in-law was also off work for the Easter long weekend, so we decided to visit our Tamil family across the border in Washington state. We hadn't had a chance to go to the mountains yet this Winter and with warmer weather right around the corner, it was out last chance to experience a Winter Wonderland with the kids.

We rented this super cute little ski chalet cabin on Air BnB and we all stayed together. During the day, we drove up to the mountain and the kids played in the snow.

The trip was a bit stressful for me as Veda was just recovering from a double ear infection and was generally pretty fussy, and she hates the car. The wait at the border was absolutely insane with a 5 hour wait time for the long weekend. Next time, we might just take the train down! And then, we discovered that our boss baby Veda didn't like the snow! Oh, toddlers! So, I was definitely a bit preoccupied with my little devilish munchkin. It kind of reminded me of that trip we did to Hawaii when Maya was 18 months old and she got scared of sand. Go figure!

However, it was great to get together with family and enjoy some quality time together. Maya got to play with her little girl cousin, whom she adores, and is the same age as her. The mountain was so picturesque and despite the snow, it wasn't too cold up there.

Here are some highlights from our trip:


Dear readers, how was your Spring Break? 
Did you travel anywhere new?


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  1. Hi Alex, Happy Spring to you!
    Glad to see your post here. Mount Baker is beautiful, glad you got an opportunity to see family and have some time together. Little Veda is sure cute and she is growing, cute picture with her Dad all bundled up. Guess she does not like the car or snow! Maya is so adorable with her little cousin and she is growing up! Hope everyone is doing well.


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