This is a personal blog. Any statement made in this blog is simply a reflection of my own opinion, based on my own life experiences.

Understand that when I speak about MY Indian family, it is only one family. I am not married to the entire of India (although people do believe I am somehow)!

All information in my blog must be taken at your own risk. As a reader, you are reading my blog of your own free will and you are solely responsible for your actions.

Do not use any photos or text without my written permission.

All comments that are deemed inappropriate - offensive, hateful, off-topic, or self-promotional - will not be published. If your comment was not published, it may have been a glitch...or your comment may have irritated me. In that case, I am not going to publish any comment that is going to spoil my mood or cause me unnecessary stress. And also please refrain from telling me how I should live my life. My comment moderation policy is: BE NICE OR LEAVE.

Right now my priority is writing new content and I try to reply to comments when I can.

I reserve the right to change the focus of my blog, shut it down, or change the terms of use at any time.

P.S. I am a real person. We are a real family. We have feelings too. And a life, which is what this blog is based on.
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