May 2018 issue of Little India magazine: Videshi Brides Blogging Desi Vibes

Indian Interracial Marriages podcast

Masalamommas Online Magazine: "Bicultural Marriage: Naming A Mixed Child"

Times of India: Chennai - Sunday, May 29th, 2016
Featured on page 2

Complete Wellbeing magazine (May 2016 issue): "The Challenges and Opportunities of Interfaith Marriages" (p.50-51)

Masalamommas Online Magazine: "Speaking Up When A Tradition Doesn't Work For You"

Multicultural Kid Blogs: "Holi Art Project For Kids"

Masalamommas Online magazine: "9 Benefits Of Being In An Intercultural Marriage"

World Citizen Storycast (podcast interview)
Click HERE to listen.

Historias de la India
Click HERE to read my article (translated into Spanish)

Masalamommas online magazine
Click HERE to read my interview

Complete Wellbeing magazine (April 2015 issue): "Living my storybook romance" (p.34-35)

Speaking of China
Click HERE to read my article

The Big Fat Indian Wedding
Read the article HERE

Complete Wellbeing magazine (October 2014 issue)

English Wife, Indian Life
Read the article HERE

The New Indian Express Newspaper
Read the article HERE

Southern Life, Indian Wife
Read the article HERE

Offbeat Marriage
Read the interview HERE

InterNations Recommended Blog - India
Read the interview HERE

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