Your Intercultural Love Stories

I am doing a series running every Saturday which celebrates Intercultural love stories. I am interested in sharing the stories of ALL couples and ALL mixes (including inter-caste and inter-regional Indian couples; LGBT couples) and how they make their marriage work. For more information about this series & how to be featured, click HERE.

Featured Intercultural Love Stories:

Simi & Sergio (Tamil girl / European guy)
Teja & Landon (Telugu girl / American guy)
Jocelyn & John (American girl / Chinese guy)
Brittany & Joel (American girl / Telugu-American guy)
Rick & Raina (American guy / Kannadiga girl)
Patricia & Ashwin (Jewish-American girl / Kannadiga-Telugu guy)
Tina & GC (American girl / Punjabi guy)
Karen & Rajesh (American girl / Punjabi guy)
Cyn & Sid (Swiss girl / Lucknowi guy)
Jennifer & Prateek (American girl  Bhopali guy)
Tans & Sat (Afrikaans girl / Malayalee guy)
Stephanie & Harpreet (Aussie girl / Punjabi guy)
Timo & Ruowei (German-Finnish guy / Chinese girl)
Jess & Madhu (Aussie girl / Kannadiga guy)
Cheyenne & Raj (American girl / Punjabi guy)
Rohit & Kristy (Punjabi guy / American girl)
Krishanu & Vivian (Bengali guy / American girl)
Jasmine & Hitomi (French-Canadian girl / Japanese guy)
Jai & Ellie (Punjabi guy / Australian girl)
Yogesh & Maya (Rajasthani guy / Peruvian girl)
Crystal & DN (American girl / North Indian guy)
Prageet & Larissa (North Indian guy / Swiss girl)
Ana & Akhil (Mexican-American girl / Punjabi guy)
Ruth & Kumar (American girl / Telugu guy)
Nicole & Vijay (American girl / North Indian guy)
Vikash & Desiree (Fijian-Indian guy / American girl)
Maddy & Agate (North Indian guy / Latvian girl)
Lauren & Abhiram (British girl / Maharashtrian guy)
Gopal & Radhika (North Indian guy / Canadian girl)
Kristin & Ravi (American girl / North Indian guy)
Chris & Priya (Taiwanese-American guy / Guyanese-Canadian girl)
Satish & Susan (North Indian guy / American girl)
Thomas & Moumita (American guy / Bengali girl)
Katelyn & Kavi (American girl / Sri Lankan-American guy)
Fawad & Satu (Pakistani guy / Finnish girl)
Allyce & Gaurav (Canadian girl / Punjabi guy)
Silvia & Vee (Italian girl / Maharashtrian guy)
Sarah & Billy (American girl / Guatemalan guy)
Tara & Yohei (African-American girl / Japanese guy)
Sid & Andrea (Bengali-Sindhi guy / Mexican girl)
Y & Ruth (Chinese guy / Austrian girl)
Melanie & Tejas (American girl / Maharashtrian guy)
Wendy & Youssef (Hawaiian-Puerto Rican girl / Lebanese guy)
Elisabeth & Pocho (American girl / Peruvian guy)
Nancy & Sumanth (American girl / Tamil guy)
Amir & Bibi (Kashmiri guy / American girl)
Youssef & Amanda (Moroccan guy / American girl)
Kathleen & Abhijeet (American girl / Marwari guy)
Garry & Pattie (Punjabi guy / American girl)
Raghu & Jo (Kannadiga guy / American girl)
Tom & Rachel (Telugu guy / American girl)
Mezz & Chotu (Maithil guy / Jewish-Australian girl)
Jateen & Rebecca (Gujarati guy / American girl)



  1. This has been so helpful and has given me hope that I will one day be accepted by my boyfriend's family and finally be able to live without judgement just because I am white

  2. I love this section. Lovely weddings. I am a wedding blogger and everything about weddings makes me go 'Awwwww'. Check out my blog

  3. I love this section. Everything about Weddings make me go 'Awwww' and that is why I write about weddings on my blog thepiedpiperess

  4. I love your blog.

    Most of the featured couples are a foreign boy with a white girl and I suppose it might even reflect real life. Do south Asian women more often prefer one of their own compared with the guys or is it that they are suppressed more than the guys? Just a thought

    1. I thought of this as well. Even though its nice with interracial couples, i wish there would be more equality. I believe its easier for asian men to be with white girls than the opposite. I am an indian women dating a white man for 8 years. Finally told my parents, dad is accepting the fact, my mom went nuts. Would have been nice to see more asian females with white men and hear their stories.

  5. Finally I have found a blog that focused on interracial couple because I'm one of them ** At times we need more support and sharing ^ ^

  6. Each one of these posts really melt my heart. Hats off to you fpr bringing this set of us together, Alexandra :)
    I will also look to post sometime soon!
    - Indian Boy + American Girl.

  7. That's really a nice blog! Makes us feel like we are not alone in this situation. Soon I will write about that too!
    - Indian boy + Brazilian girl

  8. I really love this blog! I hope my boyfriend and I to have a happy love story like these! - Indian boy and Dominican girl

  9. Thanks for the blog and posts, you have helped me so much :) Keralan boy + Spanish girl :)

    1. Wow how's that working out

    2. This is great. I'm an Indian guy by birth but I've been raised all over the world (including the UK and the US, as well as some more exotic countries), so I'm probably gonna wind up with a wife from outside my culture. Just keep these stories coming!


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